Scott Euden

Born and raised in Cardiff. I live just outside a beautiful village in the Vale of Glamorgan. I trained in Fine Art & Visual Culture in UWE - Bower Ashton, graduating in 1997.  Seventeen years experience as a youth worker for Prince’s Trust Cymru and Educational Visits/Behaviour Co-ordinator at a Cardiff SEN school, delivering personal development programmes to support young adults and children with challenging behaviour and learning/special educational needs.

My career has given me the unique opportunity to utilise my artistic skills and experience to support young adults (NEETS) with their confidence, employability skills and lifelong learning.

My main inspiration comes from the natural landscape and my work is focused on memory and experience - walking, hiking and camping/bivvies within the natural environment of Wales and UK. However, I am focused on creating/recreating images of many different subject matter through observation and memory. I use simple photographic methods to record observations (Phone camera/Instagram) but I am not too concerned with drawing/painting from photographs unless specifcally required.